About us

Our Mission Statement

We are a world of Coaches, Mentors and Role Models committed to making a better Jamaica by training and developing individuals and groups to maximize their potential in the areas of arts, science, business, technology and ministry in an effort to become successful leaders in their fields  … living life without limits.

Vision Statement

To Become the leading leadership and motivational company in North America with some of the world’s best experts making a noticeable impact by increase of profitable businesses, exemplary leaders and managers emerging from inner-city to average through our training, connecting, assessing, coaching and investment strategies.

Target Market… Individuals seeking a structured mentorship/leadership program to help them to improve their standard of living and to maximize their skills and earning power:

PrimaryYouths and Adults in Inner-city Communities with strong leadership skills

SecondarySchools & Youth Clubs (island-wide)

Tertiary Adults seeking to improve their business and management/ leadership skills


Office: +1(647) 561-3248
+1 (876) 462 1609
Email: registrar@ttlead.ca


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